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How to Make and Use Moon Water


Moon water is water that has been cleansed in moonlight and charged with the moon’s energy. Making moon water is simple. Full moons and super moons are considered by many to be excellent times to make moon water, though the phases of the moon have different magical and spiritual associations and you may want to consider this when making it.

How to Make Moon Water:

  • fill a clear container with water — spring water is ideal, tap is okay
  • seal the container
  • place it outside or on a windowsill where moonlight will shine on it
  • (optional) recite a chant over the water to bless it and/or dedicate it to a specific purpose
  • leave the container out from just after sunset to just before sunrise
  • you’ve made moon water!

Optional Ingredients:

  • crystals, such as clear quartz or rose quartz 
  • sea salt
  • a few drops of essential oil
  • herbs and flowers (chamomile, lavender, mint, etc)
  • rain water or melted snow can be put out in moonlight (making the water better suited for storm witchcraft or winter witchcraft, should you practice these things) — I suggest straining it and not ingesting it

Some Uses for Moon Water:

  • cleanse your hands with it before spells and rituals
  • cleanse/purify ritual tools, crystals and other items
  • fill a spray bottle with it for cleansing spray
  • consume it for energy
  • use it in cooking and making teas
  • consume it prior to divination, to enhance your intuition
  • use it to add a kick to spells, charms or witchy brews/drinks/foods
  • sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home and/or altar space for cleansing and purification
  • use it to represent water (the element) on your altar and/or on a shrine for a lunar/or water associated deity
  • wash your hair with it
  • water your plants with it 
  • fill a vial with moon water and wear it for protection/energy/intuition/etc
  • use it in any spell that calls for water and/or has lunar associations (if you’re not sure how to implement it into a spell, just keep a bowl of it nearby to benefit from its presence)
  • combine it with herbs and/or essential oils for a cleansing bath or charm
  • whatever you can think of, really, just be smart and safe with it

If you plan to consume your moon water and you want to add crystals to it, ALWAYS use tumbled stones. Raw/rough stones may leave behind shards or toxic debris that can cause harm if taken internally. It’s important to know the chemical composition of the crystal(s) you’d like to use as even some tumbled stones should not be used, such as malachite or fluorite (the resulting water would be toxic). Here is a list of such minerals

Crystals can be placed on top of the container while it’s in the moonlight. You can also tie symbolic things to the bottle with ribbon or twine, such as charms (pentacle, triskele, moons, etc), flowers, etc.

If you happen to feel more called to the sun than the moon in your practice, all you have to do is put the water out in daylight for about 30 minutes.


Namaste #Yoga


Namaste #Yoga

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"Trollens styfdotter" by John Bauer, 1915.


"Trollens styfdotter" by John Bauer, 1915.

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Sirona, the Celtic goddess of healing waters.

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Viking bracelet by Thoradin Ambolt’s farriery

Sleepy meditations are hard but worth it. 


nature revering witches be like:


and technowitches looking over like:


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I’m really happy with where my meditations have been taking me and the progress I’ve made on having a still, relaxed mind. 

In the beginning I tried just meditating on my own, without music, without any aids, and in the end I found my mind was just too loud for that sort of thing. I could never get it to sit still long enough to enjoy the quiet, the stillness meditation is supposed to bring, so I decided to try guided meditation. 

It worked wonders, as it gave my mind something to focus on, and only in the moments of quiet did thoughts and images float to the surface. As I’ve been meditating more frequently, I’ve definitely noticed a change in my demeanor in every day life and how I am when I meditate. 

Walking around my job, I’m less prone to jumping to judgement or harsh thoughts about other people, and am more likely to interact with them with kindness and empathy in mind. I’m also just a lot more calm and my anxiety doesn’t get the best of me as often, which is one of the main reasons I decided to try meditating regularly. 

While meditating, I find that thoughts and images appear just as regularly, but they’re not in as sharp a focus as they were when I first started without any help, and I can more easily watch them move on instead of latching on to them and thinking about them more. I’m less distracted when I meditate, and that means progress, right?

It’s becoming more of a habit and a want to meditate daily, and I’m really pleased with where this path is taking me. <3


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Started wearing my pentacle again as a means of reconnecting with my religion and having something that will remind me of my path wherever I go. It’s been nice doing so and has been a big help, but I swear, all I’ve heard from people since wearing it again is “I like your pentagram!”, “That’s a pentagram, right?”, and my favorite “Is that a star of David or a pentagram?” 

I forgot you can spend a lot of time explaining things when you decide to wear a religious symbol.